Maestrale Amplifier


All tube amplifier with great dynamic,  very clean and linear.

Ideal for use with external effects.

Single channel with control normal/bright, mixed input and gain.

Background nois very low.

Foot switch control for normal, bright, mixed input  and gain

Technical features:

All tube amplifier

Power:     50 Watt RMS

Tube:      3 x ECC83 (o 12AX7)

1 x ECC81 (o 12AT7)

2 x EL34 (o 6CA7)

Power consumption:     200 Watt


Volume normal

Volume bright

Bass, Meddle e Treble


Volume general

Gain control


Work/mute switch

On/Off switch

Half power switch


Longstone tipo CJ128K100 8 Ohm 100W

Birch plywood frame with opaque scratch-resistant paint.

Colori Standard Colors:

Electric Blue

Pearl Grey

Red Lacquer


  • The wooden structure can be made of solid mahogany, spruce or other woods on request.
  • The multilayer structure can be done with anti-scratch paint in all RAL colors, including metallic, or consist of a gradient coating as finishing
  • The grill cloth is available in pearl white, beige, red and black.
  • The leather handle is available in black, brown and red.
  • On request, you can install a different speaker from the standard version.
  • The possible personalization of the electronic part can be evaluated on request.
  • Available with reverb
  • Available with 6L6GC power tube
  • Available with different configurations of preamp tubes.

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