Stereo integrated amplifier all hand made.

Full tube, power 50 W for channel

The integrated Bora stereo amplifier with its 50 watts per channel offers great sound power that can be also appreciated in larger spaces. Its extreme cleanliness and sound definition enable to appreciate any musical nuances reproduced in any musical genre. This amplifier also has a physiological correction filter, switchable from the back for smooth the medium frequencies whens are too present. Available in either solid wood or lacquered wood. Available the possibility to customize colors or solid wood types. The front controls allow adjusting the volume and input selection.

Technical details:

Power supply: 230VCA, 50/60 Hz. Input 1 CD  with sensibility2Vpp Input 2 e 3 Line with sensibility 1Vpp Power request: 190W Power on the speakers: >40W (RMS) for cannel on 8 Ohm. Frequency response : 20 Hz – 20 kHz (±1 dB) Total Armonic Distortion : <1% Tubes: 2xECC832, 4xEL34. Weight* and overal dimensions(mm): 14 kg. – 470 (L) x 270 (P) 210 (H)

  • The weight may vary depending on the wood used.

For more information, orders or customization, contact the company or its official dealers.