Scirocco Amplifier


All tube amplifier  with great dynamics and tonal capabilities. Soundf personality combined with the ability to follow the player touch and respect the  timbre of the instrument used. Background noise very low. Completed with remote pedal for the control of the normal /bright and mixed input and the gain.

Technical features:

All tube amplifier

Power:     15 W RMS Tubes:     2 x ECC83 (o 12AX7) 1 x ECC81 (o 12AT7) 2 x EL84 (o 6BQ5) Power request: 55W


Volume normal Volume bright Bass, Meddle e Treble Frequency Volume general Reverbe* Switch mute/work Swith on/off Swith power full or half  

Speaker Longstone: CJ128N50 8 Ohm 50W


  • The wooden structure can be made of solid mahogany, spruce or other woods on request.
  • The multilayer structure can be done with anti-scratch paint in all RAL colors, including metallic, or consist of a gradient coating as finishing
  • The grill cloth is available in pearl white, beige, red and black.
  • The leather handle is available in black, brown and red.
  • On request, you can install a different speaker from the standard version.
  • The possible personalization of the electronic part can be evaluated on request.
  • Available with reverb
  • Available with different configurations of preamp tubes.